Your Metering System

Getting to know your metering system is essential as it will allow you to understand how much energy you use, how much it costs and identify ways to lower your bills.

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Your Smart Metering Hub

Learn more about the suite of tools we've created to make your life easier.

  • heat
    Heat Meter

    Your heat meter is an essential part of your metering system as it measures the amount of heat you use and this is used to calculate your bills.  We only use heat meters with proven ultrasonic technology which guarantee accurate readings ensuring you only pay for the heat you use.

  • v-pro-2

    The vPro2 system is your home hub, designed to offer customers an intuitive, feature rich system designed to give you easy access to the information and services you need such as friendly and emergency credit.


    - Prepayment and credit billing modes

    - Dual fuel capabilities

    - Fully controllable debt recovery features

    - Multiple payment or top-up methods available including Payzone and PayPoint, online, telephone, Direct Debit

    - Emergency and friendly credit facilities

    - Intuitive, Wireless In Home Display which  meets Code for Sustainable Homes ENE3  requirements and can display heat &  electricity (if required)

  • home-house

    The Guru Hub II provides you with a simple way to take control of your energy use. Reliable and always on, the system provides a real-time view of consumption in the home and avoids the need for bills by helping you to stay in control of your energy consumption and spend.


    - Stay in control and pay your energy bill: With Pay as You Go (PAYG), you can easily control your energy spend and keep on top of payments

    - Touch screen: The full colour 5 inch touch screen turns off automatically. You can choose how long it takes to turn off, from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Simply touch to turn back on

    - Historical energy data: The Hub II records energy usage in real time and stores energy usage information for up to 3 years

    - Meter & Billing company messaging: New messages can be displayed on the menu bar and all historical messages can be kept or deleted

    - Notifications for current usage: You can see different notifications to alert you about when your credit is expected to run out, credit low, and if emergency credit can be activated

  • app
    Glass App

    As the name suggests, our Glass App was developed to bring transparency to customer billing, delivering all the information you need to a mobile device.  Combining real life data with outstanding functionality the Glass App delivers the information and functionality a heating or cooling customer needs to take charge of their energy bills.


    - Available for credit billing and Pay As You Go.

    - Full visibility of consumption and payments, allowing prediction of future spend

    - The flexibility to pay your bill or top up your meter anytime, anywhere

    - Enhanced visibility and reporting provides greater support for customers

    - Full support from our in-house Customer Service Centre 

  • customer-service
    Customer Service

    We have designed a range of tools to give you the information you need to take control of your energy usage and make informed decisions, but we realise that you may need additional help from time to time which is why we have a friendly and helpful customer service call centre where our operatives will be happy to help you with any issues you have.

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